"We featured emerging Los Angeles singer/songwriter SWEET + TALKER (legally Kevin Fisher) late last month, when he blew us away with his impressive first release “Burn It Up All Night”. It’s a bone-chillingly beautiful alt-pop piece, with enough powerful emotion behind it to take down an army. “Here We Go Again” is the artist’s second offering, serving as an even softer anthemic fading-love ballad with a similarly magnetic instant-appeal. Earmilk, who premiered the track earlier today, was accurate in stating that OneRepublic lead Ryan Tedder (who is greatly prized for his pop songwriting abilities) would be more than satisfied with Fisher’s second output – the similar pop-sensibility is definitely there.

By now, we can see why all eyes/ears will soon be fixated on this LA act.”

Source: http://thekollection.com/here-we-go-again-sweet-talker/

Song: http://m.soundcloud.com/sweettalkermusic/here-we-go-again-1

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Here We Go Again • SWEET + TALKER

Another product of my Soundcloud stream, but a totally different sound. The LA singer-songwriter transcends the boundaries of pop and dream-wave with this new one, and I’m 100% sure it’ll be on repeat until I’m hailing a cab that blasts top 40 radio around 11pm tonight. 

"I have made music my life for over 10 years now. I have lead anything other than a normal life and have given everything in pursuit of my dream. Today that hard work has payed off. I couldn’t be more thankful to announce that I have joined the legendary Dr. Luke and the RXsongs publishing company. I couldn’t have ever done this without the love and support of my friends and family throughout all these years. Love you all."

-Kevin, via Facebook


Hey Tumblr, it’s been awhile since I’ve kept up with you. I just shot a video that is really special to me. Please watch, and if you feel so inclined, share with your followers. -Kevin


So much to share with you all in 2014. Thank you all for everything this far. Love you. 

Free download of "I Wish" on soundcloud


Alright…no sound cloud yet but there’s a teaser on my Instagram 


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